NY Fashion Week

Another Fashion Week comes and goes and I ask myself, what did we accomplish?  What did we learn?  Have we solely made the world a more stylish version of its previous self?  Or are we forging the path to making an impact in the Fashion industry and our communities?

I walk away feeling hopeful that change is on the horizon.  Thanks to game changers like Brooklyn Fashion League and Manufacture New York, we now have an exciting future of community driven independent designers coming together to promote socially responsible manufacturing, quality over quantity and the movement away from fast fashion towards our not so distant past of hand-crafted, locally made clothing and accessories that are not only beautiful, but well-made!  Progress is not linear, but seems to go in fits and starts and eventually we circle back to something familiar, something organic and something a bit more pure.  Don’t get me wrong, we are all business women and of course we seek economic independence and prosperity, but we also want to rest our heads on our pillows at night and know that we have made an effort to make the world just a little bit better.  I for one will not falter on my belief that American manufacturing is not only positive, but it is a necessity.  And for us local Brooklyn and NYC designers, keeping our production here in NYC is the heartbeat of our mission.

So with that, what a great night it was to celebrate local, independent designers and represent the future of Manufacture NY and NYC fashion in general.  The Manufacture New York Fashion Week Event  was held on Monday, February 11th at the Textiles Arts Center in Manhattan, and we thank them for their support.  Enjoy…

 What great company to keep…check out these powerful women/designers! (In order of appearance)

Andrea Diodati

Silk & Cyanide

Charlotte Noruzi

Malca BK

Kaci Head of Brooklyn Fashion League

Bob Bland of Manufacture New York

Other participating designers:

Lola Falk

To help support independent designers please check out the Brooklyn Fashion League’s indiegogo campaign.  BFL is looking to raise funds to help continue their support of independent designers working in Brooklyn.

BFL indigogo from Lindsay Newcomb on Vimeo.

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